Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Choose Baby Gender

Are you considering planning a baby soon ??

Have you always seen yourselves having a baby boy or girl ?

Is this baby going to be the last addition to the family and you would dearly love a son or a daughter to complete the family ?

If any of these questions apply to you or someone you know then read on as you may be pleasantly surprised.

A lady by the name of Ashley Spencer has compiled a guide on how to prepare your body along with a few other important tweaks to enable you to choose the gender of your baby.

Now before you get all...oh this is messing with mother natureish, Just stop and look is there really a concern of a so called unbalance of sexes,

 Ask yourself really how many couples do you know who only want a family of all boys or all girls. I know people whom i associate with love having mixed gender families,

 After all the so called perfect family is mum dad daughter and son,

Ok now we have covered that lets move on to a couple of things that are discussed in the guide.

Learn why your vagina kills sperm and how it can be used for your benefit.

Learn how to tell when your body is ready and able to get pregnant 

Learn how some foods carry a small natural charge of electric foods that can help male sperm to get to the egg more quickly.

Boy and Girl sperm are quite different and the guide goes into great detail to explain what advantages you can gain by determining which sex of baby you desire for instance,

 Girls are slower swimmers but are very hardy so they will survive longer to enable to reach the egg for fertilization. 

Boy swimmers are faster but a lot more fragile so therefore when having intercourse deeper penetration is a advantage to enable the chance of a boy sperm to reach the egg,

 If this sounds complicated don't worry its all laid out in a easy to understand format.

There is a 100% guaranteed money back and the product developers boast a 94.8% success rate, So far almost 12000 people have had success with the pick the gender of your baby guide.

This is a 100% safe and natural and no harmful side effect (not unless your allergic to food types)

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Thank you for coming by and i wish you all the best.


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